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Saturday, November 8, 2008


Following our DUNGRI Computer for Schools project, with aid of 200 computers from Cathay Pacific HK and 200 computers from Caritas HK, we received some sponsorship from GIFT HK and partial custom reduction from Cameroon government for this shipment.

We spent 3 weeks at customs procedures and finally we completed the custom procedures and then moved to Kumbo, a 20 hours over night trip.
We arrived Kumbo town our main office in Cameroon at 5pm. We were received by many youths from around who helped us offload the computers into our office. Also included were some suits, radios, office chairs from Crossroads Foundation HK.

Our technicians worked over night so that we started the next day distributing the computers to schools. We have more then 70 schools who have heard about our computer project and have applied. We are running short of stock, we hope we can get some more donations for next shipment so that we can help more schools in Cameroon. This is a country where 45 students = 1 computer.

We like to thank Cathay Pacific Airlines HK and all our partners who have been supporting our Computer for school shipments to enable us assist more needy people in Cameroon.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

YLP Cambodia project 2008 is moving mountains in Cameroon- Africa.

With the support of Cathay Pacific Airlines through Mr
Mark, NAVTI Foundation has acquired 200 P4 computers for our
schools project in Cameroon.

I arrived in HK from Cameroon for this computer project.
We bought 200 more from Caritas NGO to fill the
container and on 28 July, 400 computers left enroute
for Kumbo Cameroon.They were scheduled to arrive as school
starts in Cameroon.

This will be close to 1000 computers we have brought to
Cameroon since 2005.

The sponsorship is going to be sourced by GIFT and its
Partners for this second shipment thanks to Mr Chandran/Ms Amanda.

From our first shipment, we saw that at many high schools there were
students had never seen computers. Most students only use computers at university level in Cameroon (meaning at the age of 20 years) whereas in HK, every 5 year old child uses computers.

Our target is to bring about 5000 computers to more then 1000 Cameroon schools by 2009 to benefit One million children..

GIFT, Cathay Pacific Airlines and Caritas HK are helping us to realize this dream.

I would like to thank them a lot for this special support towards our organizations and country.